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Going Out to Restaurants in US

In the US, there are literally thousands of restaurants from fast food to the high end places that have five star ratings. When visiting any restaurant, etiquette is important and should be practiced. Fast food and casual restaurants do not have dress codes, but be prepared to dress to the nines when hitting a famous restaurant for the evening. When possible call for reservations and always be on time. When seating, allow women to sit first and always place napkins in the lap. During the meal, avoid talking and drinking with full moths and never engage in cell phone conversations. Tipping is expected and the average tip is 15% of the bill. 10% is acceptable for poor service and when leaving no tip, always consult with the restaurant manager to address the problems before leaving.

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Going Out to Bars and Clubs in US

Bars and clubs are very popular in the US and thousands of people plan their end of the week gatherings at these places. With some major cities offering well known clubs like Hard Rock Cafe, visitors will always find great place to enjoy live music, dancing and drinking. When visiting a US bar, make sure to greet the bar tender and exchange names as this will help get better service when it is busy. Also remember to tip the bar tender after each drink or at the end of the night if running a tab. Clubs are attractive hot spots and US clubs can range from disco to high end establishments. Always be aware of the dress codes and speak to the bouncer when arriving about any particular club rules. US clubs offer live entertainment and dancing, so be respectful of others on the dance floor and be polite. Avoid the over consumption of alcohol in any bar or club.

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Visiting Land Based Casinos in US

The United States is home to some of the best casinos in the world. Visitors who travel to Las Vegas or Atlantic City will find many top names in the casino industry and will find thousands of games that all offer huge cash payouts. With so many casinos to choose from, players will surely enjoy great gambling entertainment. Many of the casinos in the US also have dining establishments and even live shows offered. When gambling in US casinos, players should be respectful to dealers and other players and never tell others how to play the games. Tips will gladly be accepted by dealers as well as cocktail waitresses in the casinos. US casinos are major attractions for tourists and many states throughout the country have a few live gambling establishments that are offered.

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US Online Casino Gaming

Online gambling is a topic of great dispute in the US. For many years, this form of gambling was completely legal, but now some states, like Nevada and New Jersey are allowing online poker rooms to operate. For US players who visit international online casinos, they will have limited choices as not all casino software will accept cash players from this area. Players will also have to use certain forms of payment as online casinos are not able to accept credit cards or bank transfers from these players due to gambling laws.

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