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Going Out to Restaurants in UK

Dining in the UK is a great experience and since this is home to so many people, the food variations are quite diverse. Etiquette is an important thing to UK natives, so when visiting any restaurant in the country, be sure to know how to act. It will all begin with proper posture at the table and it is essential to eat with the fork in the right hand and the knife in the left. When eating with a group, never begin until everyone has been served and never eat with the hands. The host will usually pay for all, but with younger groups or informal gatherings, each patron will contribute to the bill. When being served in a restaurant, the tip should be about 10% of the bill.

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Going Out to Bars and Clubs in UK

Bar etiquette in the UK will vary based on where the patron is visiting. There are some high end bars that will have a dress code and may even be a gentlemen's only bar. Most bars and clubs are relaxed environments that will allow most clothing styles. These establishments often attract large crowds, especially where dancing is offered. When going to a bar or club in a group, each person will be expected to buy a round of drinks. When ordering, make sure the bar tender is available and order each drink, making sure to tip for each one. If running a tab, make sure to include the tip at the end of the night. Washroom attendants should also be tipped, as well as valet drivers. If eating at these places, follow proper dining etiquette, although eating with the hands is an accepted practice in these types of establishments.

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Visiting Land Based Casinos in UK

Casinos in the UK are exciting places to be and these places can offer some of the greatest cash games anywhere in the world. Many of the casinos in the UK are designed to replicate Vegas casinos and they will offer an amazing array of slot games and table games. When playing in these locations, players should respect all others in the casino, including employees. It is an accepted practice to tip dealers. When playing any table game, be aware of the different rules and betting limits. Never discuss an open game with other players and avoid telling anyone how to play a game. When playing slots, limit yourself to one machine during peak hours. Be civil at the tables and do not discuss losses or winnings with other players. The Aspers Casino in London is one of the largest casinos in the UK, offering over 70 table games and over 150 electronic gambling machines.

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UK Online Casino Gaming

The UK is one of the best places for players who enjoy online gambling. There are no laws restricting online gambling and some of the top rated online casinos are licensed to operate in this area. In online casinos in the UK, players will find all the games they enjoy from slots to blackjack variations and will also be able to enjoy the thrill of playing in online tournaments for huge cash payouts. UK online casinos are trusted and reliable and offer games from leading software providers like Microgaming and Playtech.

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