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Going Out to Restaurants in South Africa

South Africa is a very diverse nation that consists of people of many nationalities. When visiting this area, there will be many restaurants that serve international cuisine. The actual dining etiquette will vary based on who you are dining with. Traditionally, South African restaurants have dress codes. Visitors should dress casually but not wear shorts, tee shirts or sandals when eating out. When eating bread at a restaurant, break it into small pieces in the bread plate. Never leave food on the plate when done eating and place the fork and knife closely together next to the plate to indicate you are done. Always place a napkin in the lap upon sitting. Table manners will vary, but always be polite and avoid elbows on the table. Tipping is customary at 10 top 20% unless it has been added to the bill.

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Going Out to Bars and Clubs in South Africa

Capetown and Johannesburg are the popular hot spots for visitors and there will be many bars and clubs in these areas. When it comes to choosing a bar, be sure to know what people in the party drink. Some bars will only serve beer and wine while others will have a full selection of alcohol. It is customary to tip a bar tender and club bills can often have the tip added in. When visiting a dance club, dress appropriately and be pleasant on the dance floor. Avoid bumping into others and respect space. Bouncers are available to control crowds and manage club lines and these employees should be respected as authority. When ordering, wait for the bar tender to be available and try to learn their name to be more personal.

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Visiting Land Based Casinos in South Africa

Casino etiquette in South Africa is the same as in any other international casino. Players are expected to follow casino rules and follow game rules. Talking during table games is not acceptable, but questions can be directed to the dealer or pit boss between hands. Tipping dealers is accepted and should be done when players hit big or are on a winning streak. In South African casinos, the array of games is spectacular and players will find slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, craps and many others. Be prepared to use local currencies and always respect other players. South African casinos are large and attract many people, so respect player space and avoid playing multiple slots or video poker games at the same time.

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South African Online Casino Gaming

For many years, there were no laws pertaining to online gaming and in 2008, the National Gambling Amendment Act made provisions for online casinos to be licensed in South Africa. However, there has been a ruling from the courts against this type of gambling activity, so there are no legal online casinos operating in South Africa at this time. However, players are free to visit off shore online casino sites to enjoy cash gambling. This is completely legal and there are many sites that will cater to the needs of South African players by offering native languages, local currencies and the games that these players enjoy most.

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