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Going Out to Restaurants in Singapore

Dining in Singapore can be an exciting experience as visitors will enjoy Chinese cuisine and unique customs and etiquette practices. The meals will begin when the host announces the toast. After the first sip if beverage, the meal can be eaten. The seating arrangements in Singapore are always in a circle and there is usually an even number of people at the table. The host will always sit to the immediate right of the senior guest. When in a Chinese restaurant, it will be expected for all patrons to use chopsticks. When eating fish, never turn the plate. It should be eaten how it is presented at the table. Forks and spoons are used differently. The spoon will be used to eat while the fork is used to load food onto the spoon. Do not linger after a meal is finished as this is considered a rude practice. Tipping in Singapore is similar to other countries where a 10 to 15% charge will be added to the restaurant bill.

Singapore Restaurants

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Going Out to Bars and Clubs in Singapore

Bars and clubs in Singapore provide a great way to discover the culture. When visiting these establishments, things will be a bit different than in other countries. Many bars and clubs will be gender specific and will not allow women and men in the same place. There are some bars for international guests that will accept both sexes, but it is important to follow proper etiquette for the area and not show any signs of affection when in a bar, respect personal space and do not touch any local on the head. Also avoid pointing with the index finger. The alcohol served in Singapore is not traditional and many will find that wine is the best choice. Tipping is not expected at all and in some cases, it may be seen as an insult and is often frowned upon by the government.

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Visiting Land Based Casinos in Singapore

In Singapore, there are a number of gambling establishments that are open and legally operated by the government. Here, players will find a slew of great cash games that can provide an exciting evening out and some amazing rewards. The most popular games fond in Singapore casinos are Asian themed, including Sic Bo and Baccarat. However, there are also traditional slot games, blackjack games and many types of poker that can be enjoyed. Singapore casinos are smaller than other casinos in the world and players always adhere to Singapore customs when playing. They will greet dealers with a bow and most tables will not accept women to be seated. Players will expect others to be polite and know the rules of all games before playing. Discussion during a game is frowned upon.

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Singapore Online Casino Gaming

In Singapore, there are no specific laws in place regarding online gambling, however, there are no operating sites that are regulated in Singapore. These players will have to visit off shore casinos to enjoy any cash games in an online setting. At his time, the government is discussing the legality of gambling online and is considering legalising the activity and allowing online casinos to operate within the country. For now, players will have to rely on international online casinos to meet their gambling needs.

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