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Restaurant Etiquette - Tips and Advice

Restaurant etiquette is a very important norm when visiting public eating places. There is no need to be highly sophisticated when visiting a dining establishment, but by knowing some restaurant etiquette, patrons will enjoy a great dining experience and will know all about table manners, tipping and how to behave in general when enjoying an evening out. With so many fast food establishments, dining etiquette has taken the back burner, but many people still visit high end restaurants and will have to know how to properly act when in these establishments.

Restaurant etiquette will often begin with the reservation process. With popular restaurants, a reservation will be required, so it is important to plan in advance and take the steps necessary. Make sure to arrive by the time the reservation has been made. Fashionable lateness is not accepted when dining out. If there is a chance of being late, be sure to inform the restaurant and inquire as to whether the table can be hold.

When arriving at the restaurant, table manners are essential. Large napkins should be folded in half and placed in the lap. Many people make the mistake of drinking with food in their mouth or speaking and this is an unacceptable practice. Using utensils can be confusing, but make things easy by using knives to cut one piece of meat at a time and returning the utensil to the side of the dish. Since many establishments will serve bread and butter, break the bread into small pieces and butter each piece as it is eaten. Always ask for items to be passed and never answer a cell phone while dining. Many patrons are not aware that if they have to excuse themselves from the table, placing their napkin ion the table is considered rude. The napkin should be placed in the empty chair. With some of these table manner tips, diners will be off to a positive start and will enjoy a great night of dining.

Tipping is where most people will make their mistakes, so tipping etiquette should be known before going anywhere to eat. Many servers rely on tips to make their living, so make sure to leave the right amount. The tipping norms range from 15% to 25% of the bill amount. If the service was unsatisfactory, some may leave 10%. There are only extreme cases in which a tip should not be left. These could include rude or offensive behavior from the server. However, if this occurs, be sure to inform the restaurant manager of the issue before leaving. Some restaurants will automatically include a tip in the bill and this should be expected when visiting high end restaurants. In this case, it is not necessary to leave an additional amount unless the service was superior and patrons wish to reward their server with an added tip.

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