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Going Out to Restaurants in New Zealand

When visiting New Zealand on business of pleasure, one will find a large array of eating establishments. The dining etiquette will be the same for all meals and patrons are expected to always behave politely and avoid excessive rowdiness or loudness. When dining, it is customary to keep the hands above the table, but never place elbows on the table. The fork and knife should be placed parallel on the plate with the handles facing to the right when eating is finished. New Zealanders do not follow the same eating schedule as other countries, so expect tea to be served between 3 and 4 PM. Tea is also between 6 and 8 PM and is serviced with another meal. Supper is considered a snack, which would consist of coffee and desert and this is served later in the day. Tipping is not expected in any New Zealand restaurant as here is a Goods and Services Tax applied to each bill.

New Zealand Restaurants

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Going Out to Bars and Clubs in New Zealand

The night life in New Zealand, especially in Auckland is quite exceptional. Visitors will find many bars and clubs open till the wee hours of the morning, offering great places to gather, dance and drink. New Zealand is home to many great beers and wines, and these are the common drinks when out on the town. Hard liquor should be avoided as it will signify you are not a local. When ordering, always wait for the bar tender to finish with others. Tipping is accepted and bar tenders should be tipped per drink. When visiting a club, prepare by knowing any dress codes and be ready to wait in line. Each club will have a bouncer at the door. New Zealand residents are very friendly and may ask visitors to join them for the evening. This is a customary practice and should not be refused.

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Visiting Land Based Casinos in New Zealand

When in New Zealand, there will be five casinos to visit. These are located in Auckland, Hamilton, Queenstown, Christchurch and Dunedin. The casinos are home to popular games such as pokie and blackjack tables. Visitors will find that most of the land casinos in New Zealand will host pokie machines and these games make up the majority of games at the casino. There are however some classic casino games like poker variations and roulette. When playing in a New Zealand casino, be sure to use the local currency. Since these residents usually speak English, communication should not be a problem. Tipping dealers after large wins will be appreciated, but is not expected. Follow all game rules and be polite to other players when visiting any of the land casinos.

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New Zealand Online Casino Gaming

New Zealanders enjoy gambling just as much as other players, but when it comes to online gaming, there are restrictions. The government has strict rules about the operation of any online establishment and there are no legal online casinos within New Zealand. Players can visit international New Zealand player accepting online casinos for their gambling needs and there are a number of off shore sites that will cater to the needs of these players by supporting NZD as a currency and offering top rated pokies.

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