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Going Out to Restaurants in Canada

Dining in Canada can be a great experience as many establishments serve amazing French food. Most business meetings will take place over breakfast or lunch and there is seldom alcohol serviced at lunchtime. When eating, no matter what time of day or what type of establishment, the utensils will be switched from hand to hand. The fork is in the right hand and when using the knife, the fork will be switched to the left for cutting. When dining out, patrons can expect a Goods and Service Tax to be added to the bill. Tips are not automatically added, so a 15% tip is expected for good service. Most restaurants will have designated smoking and non-smoking areas, but high end dining locations will often be smoke-free.

Canadian Restaurants

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Going Out to Bars and Clubs in Canada

In Canada, there are bars and clubs in all major cities and many visitors will enjoy the excitement of establishments in Montreal and Quebec. When visiting a bar or club, there are some Canadian rules that patrons will be expected to follow. Some clubs in Canada will have dress codes, so it is important to know this before visiting. When it comes to visiting a bar, Canadians will not invite others to a table and are actually possessive of their space. Tipping bar tenders and bouncers is an acceptable practice and it is expected that a dollar a drink is left for any bar tender in a club or bar setting. When dancing at clubs, respect personal space unless you have been asked to dance and always treat the locals with respect. If possible, speak the native French language or choose clubs or bars that are known for attracting international visitors from certain locations.

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Visiting Land Based Casinos in Canada

Playing casino games in land based casinos in Canada is very similar to playing in a US casino. These establishments are casual and will not have a dress code, but footwear will be required. The rules in regards to alcohol consumption may vary per casino, where some will not allow drinking when playing games, but will only service alcohol in a casino bar. When playing games, players should know they rules and not interrupt dealers or other players during play. Tipping is appreciated and players can even place bets for dealers and give them the winnings. When playing slots, try to only play one game at a time to leave machines available for others. Canadian casinos may have designated smoking areas, but many locations are smoke free inside.

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Canadian Online Casino Gaming

Online gambling in Canada is completely legal and it is supported by the Canadian government. Players will find a number of online casinos that are operating right in Canada, offering local currencies and languages as well as access to some of the top games in the industry. For Canadian players, Canadian online casinos are the best option as these casinos always adhere to Canadian gambling laws. There are very few laws in place, which is why players are free to choose to gamble at any operating online casino, regardless of where it is licensed and operating.

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