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Bar/Club Etiquette - Tips and Advice

Many people choose to gather at bars and clubs to celebrate the end of a work week. When visiting these establishments, there are etiquette rules, even though the environment is typically easygoing. Whether patrons are visiting the bar or club alone or in a group, there are certain rules that are expected to be followed. By learning some basic bar and club etiquette, patrons will enjoy a great night out. Knowing what to do and how to behave is just as important as choosing what bar to visit on a particular night.

Weekends are the busiest times, so it common to encounter lines when going to a popular bar or club. The lines can often appear long, but they typically move quite fast. Before entering, patrons should make sure they are dressed appropriately as some establishments can have a dress code. If there is concern about the wait time, approach the bouncer and ask how long the wait will be. Some people may try to tip bouncers to get a better position in line, but this is not always an effective action.

Bars and clubs will often have a dance floor and this is where all the action will be. When visiting dance clubs and bars, make sure to respect the space of others. This area can be quite crowded, so take all precautions to avoid bumping into people and causing a problem. Always ask others if they wish to dance and be sure to make eye contact.

The other main area of a club will be the bar and this is very crowded and bar tenders will be extremely busy. It is essential to have patience when visiting the bar and wait for others to be served that were there before you. As a rule, bar tenders should be tipped a dollar for each drink that is ordered. Once a drink is served, move out of the way for others that may be waiting. If sitting at the bar, take the time to introduce yourself to the bar tender and always be polite.

One of the most important things about visiting a bar or a club is to have personal limits. Each person should know how much alcohol they can handle and should have a limit so they stay in control. If a member of your group is drinking too much and becoming rowdy, the bouncer may ask he or she, or the entire group to leave, which can ruin the night for all. Always make sure to be in control and treat others with respect. Bars and clubs can be fun and exciting, but by staying in control, you will have a positive experience and will be welcome back at the establishment. Bar and club etiquette is basically common sense and with these tips, a night out can be a very enjoyable experience.

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