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Going Out to Restaurants in Australia

When dining in an Australian restaurant, the etiquette may be a bit different than some are used to. These residents do not switch utensils between their hands. The knife will always be in the right hand and the fork in the left. When hands are empty, they should rest in the lap. Just like in many other locations, a reservation is proper etiquette, though some restaurants will have patrons sharing tables. In general, Australians do not talk about business over a meal. When it comes to paying the bill, the person who invited others foots the entire bill, though guests are expected to offer to pay. The tips are generally between 10 and 15% of the cost of the meal.

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Going Out to Bars and Clubs in Australia

Australian people are very friendly and it is not uncommon for them to invite people to join them in a bar or pub. When this happens, the guest is referred to as a School, which consists of three or more people. The appropriate etiquette when in a bar or club is to shout in turn. This means buying a round of drinks until all members of the group has bought pone round. Most bars and pubs in Australia will have pokie games that are similar to video poker and slot games. When playing these games, always excuse yourself from the group before leaving and try to avoid leaving before buying your round. Keep in mind that Australians consume a lot of beer and patrons should never insult any Australian beer unless they are comparing it to another Aussie brew. Tipping is not common in this country and pubs and clubs do not expect to be tipped.

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Visiting Land Based Casinos in Australia

Australia has a number of land based casinos and when visiting these, it is important to follow proper etiquette. Since pokies are popular games, one machine should be played during busy hours. Aussie players will reserve machines if they have to leave for a few minutes and this is done by placing a coin in the seat or a personal item. When playing table games, Aussie dealers will accept and be grateful for any tips that are offered when players win. Before playing any table game, it is expected for the player to have a complete understanding of the rules of the game before placing cash wagers. This is simply being polite to other players. Land casinos are great places to socialise and enjoy cash casino games, so always be polite when conversing with the locals and be sure to keep a positive attitude as they do not enjoy hearing about anyone's losses in the casino.

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